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Tips to Help Relieve Wedding Planning Stress:

New email address: Consider getting an email account just for your wedding (i.e. That way all the wedding services and websites you sign up for go to one account, and when your wedding is over you can delete it. It also helps so your personal email account is not flooded with email an you don’t get overwhelmed. You can think about your wedding when you want to.

Plan well in advance: you should plan your wedding one year to 18 months in advance. That way you can take your time in planning. You should have most of your vendors booked by 8-12 month in advance so that you can have a good variety of professionals to choose from and so you can work with them in planning your wedding. They can help relieve stress and answer any questions about any part of the wedding planning process.

Pick 2-3 vendors to interview: don’t stress yourself out with making too many appointments. Research your vendors before you make an appointment then narrow it down to 2-3. You will get a good variety and only vendors you’re interested in. having too many can stress you out.

Relax and have fun:  It’s your wedding after all.  You should enjoy both yourself and those that are present to share it with you.  Don’t worry if things don’t go exactly as planned.  They rarely do.  You know what I’m talking about.  The decorations are still going up and guess should start arriving in 20 min.  The photographer takes longer than you wanted.  Bride and Groom and/or wedding party arrive late at the venue.  Catering is late.  We’ve all been a part or attended weddings where these things happen and in the end it all works out.

Do your research: Research and educate yourself. The internet has tons of wedding planning sites full of useful information. Not all of the information is completely accurate but is still worth the read. Ask your friends that have recently been married for advice and tips. They won’t know all the answers but may be helpful. Ask your hired professional vendors for help and advice, they live and breathe weddings and should be happy to help. Also, referrals are a great way to go.

Take your time, don’t be pressured: Don’t let anyone pressure you into a sale. Yes, you need to make your decision in a timely manner, but you should have a few days after a meeting to take it all in and decide. Vendors can’t hold the date too long, but should give you a little time to research and meet with any other vendors.

Find your outlet: Find ways to relieve stress. Working out is great and helps you get in shape before the wedding, too. Take a dancing class, find a show to watch, or something as simple as popping bubble wrap. Find what works for you and utilize it.

Establish a realistic budget: Rather than basing your budget on national magazines that may confuse Sacramento area couples, collect pricing from professional wedding vendors here in the area. These local price ranges will help you establish a realistic budget and relieve stress when trying to find vendors that fit within an expected budget. You should also reserve 10% of your budget for unexpected overages.

Work with your vendors: Your vendors are happy to help answer your questions and relieve stress. See if certain vendors can take over doing certain tasks, like your venue or caterer doing the setup, or making sure your DJ is running the day of events, not simply playing music. Ask your florist for a few ideas for centerpieces. Whatever might be causing you stress, just ask one of your vendors – they should be able to help.

Remember why you’re planning this big day: Take time out and remember why you’re doing all this work. Remember it’s because you love each other and want to celebrate it with all your family and friends. Go out on dates, or quiet evening at home to nourish your relationship. Make sure to find time to strengthen your relationship so you are not just preparing for your wedding, but you marriage as well.

Exclusive Planning Tool

The Reception:

Wedding Reception Outline

This is just a skeleton of how your wedding might be outlined.  All weddings are different so if you have other ideas, and needs we can make sure they happen the way you want.  Whether or not you’re doing all the traditional activities at your wedding, following my outline will keep the event fun for all.  Best of all, you won’t risk losing your interest or the interest of your guests.

In the file above you will find my typical outline for a five hour Ceremony and Reception.  This is just a suggestion and can be added to, or changed according to your wants.

Let’s get planning!