Why We Are A Better Booth…

THE Photo BoothTypical Photo Booth


Canon DSLR
Professional camera
High quality photographs
Client receives copies of the photobooth
strips PLUS the original hi-res images
Maximum enlargement size: 8×10
Webcam or Point-and-Shoot
Lower quality photographs
Client receives ONLY images of photo booth
Maximum enlargement size: 4×6

Booth Lighting

Soft, Continuous Lighting
Warm, even light with no harsh shadows
Professional, flattering look for you and
your guests
Even Aunt Gertrude will look great
 Flash-Based Lighting
Harsh glares and shadows
3 or 4 flash sequence blinds your guests

Photo Capture

Audio + Visual Prompt
Booth speakers announce when each
photo will be taken
Countdown is displayed on monitor
Visual Prompt ONLY 
Your guests must look at monitor to know
when each photo bill be taken

 Up to 10 Guests
Our Vintage booth is 30% larger than typical
photo booth
Expandable to accommodate more guests
Record is 32 guests in booth at once

Up to 3 Guests
Larger groups must crowd together,
hoping to fit in camera vie Up to 3 Guests
Larger groups must crowd together, hoping to
fit in camera view

Photo Framing
Adjustable Frame
Attendant adjusts camera for each shot
Perfect composition whether single-person
photos and large group shots

Fixed Frame
Fixed framing limits the # of guests per session
Children’s shots typically show excessive
headroom, tall guest may be forced to slouch to get proper framing.

ADA Accessibility
Wheelchair AccessibleNon-Wheelchair Accessible

Booth Construction

Quality Hand Crafted Construction 
Solid hard wood and aluminum design
Oversized to hold ALL your guests:) 
Elegant red velvet curtains
Huge Vintage backlit photo booth sign
Our booth is in excellent condition and is
regularly maintained

Low Budget Construction 
Cheap rod-and-curtain design
High volume booth companies may sell you a
sparkling booth online but deliver a run-down
booth at your event
Will a tacky photo booth compliment your
elegant event?

Photo Booth Attendant

Experienced, trained, smiling booth technician dedicated to assuring a great photo booth
experience for your guests.
Technician adjusts framing with each guest for best shot possible
Our Technicians are capable of fixing any
technical problem during your rental

Self Service
Some booth companies hire low-pay help who
appear disinterested during your event 
Guests are on their own to seat and frame
Technical problems may require shutting down booth and/or a desperate call to the owner

Print Quality

Dye Sub Printer
Archival quality prints
8 second print time 

Inkjet Printer
Can smear
Photos can fade with time
20 second print time

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